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A month without a laptop and other first world problems

It must be said right at the beginning that I didn’t choose to spend almost a month without my laptop. When the hinges broke and I had to send it in I was confused and my table looked quite empty without its main inhabitant. When was the last time I was laptop-free for such a long time? Even when I was traveling Australia with a camper van I carried it with me as I had scheduled several job interviews for that time (via Skype). I remember the times when I didn’t have my own laptop but there was always a computer in our house that I could use.


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Random things I liked

Instagram is the best platform for random things you see and like and I am trying to use it regularly (@alenakitofficial) but I want to do a short overview of my favorites here on the blog as well. I have been in Spain several times recently, so many of the things are from airports and El Corte Ingles.

I would love to hear your opinion on them!

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Pink! Flamingo! Moet! 



Valentin Yudashkin

Last week I’ve been browsing through a Vogue Paris that my sister brought me and saw an ad that caught my eye – Valentin Yudashkin. The couturier is very famous in Russia but I had no idea he was targeting the French market as well. After a bit of research I found out that he showed his first collection in France in 1991 and since 2016 his label is the first Russian label ever to become part of the „Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter“ which includes brands like Chanel and Lanvin.



Fendi: Strap-Fun

Fendi is a great brand that was always there and popular but drew a lot attention to itself during the recent years thanks to the Peekaboo bags and fluffy key chains. Not because the previous it-pieces were less popular among the fashion crowd, but thanks to Instagram & co. there was no chance avoiding those fluffy things recently.
Fendi’s addition of different personalized straps this year knocked me over with its coolness. While there is so much confusion about it-bags (but that’s a completely different topic, Mangoblüte wrote a lovely post about it) one thing is for sure – personalization is a huge trend. You can put your intitials on almost everything, from handbags to scarfs to pens to keychains.. You can pick colours and combine things in so many different ways.
Fendi’s designers did their homework and created something so simple and so beautiful -bag straps that you can buy separately.

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Picture credits: Fendi


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Korean Cosmetics Part 2

Korean cosmetics brand offer great quality for a good price with awesome packaging. This was reason enough for me to order some new stuff on SashaLab.ru for the second time.
(you can read here about my first order)

Tony Molly – Magic Food Mango Sunblocker
I already got this sunblocker (SPF 50) last time and discussed it here. Obviously the product was so amazing that I had to rebuy it – awesome smell and leaves a very light feeling on the skin.

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