Girls just wanna have fun!

For many years I’ve been using essence products, so I was very excited when I got some of the newest ones to try at home!

This is what my little package contained (scroll down for pictures):

  • Blushes are awesome and something I always put on when leaving my house. This multicolour blush cosists of three colours which can be applied individually or mixed together. I prefer the latter as the result looks more interesting and has a nice glow. The size of this essence blush is perfect, if you ask me – it is easy to handle, doesn’t need much space in your cosmetic bag but at the same time has enough area to go through with a big blush brush.



Dolce & Gabanna: Majolica and other stories

Do you remember how I wrote about those wonderful Fendi bag straps on my blog?
This whole thing became a huge trend and Dolce & Gabanna made some pretty awesome ones. When I looked for them in the German Online Shop, all straps were sold out though.


Then there are those wonderful ads that are so much different from other high end designers‘ ads that mostly feature only one or two models. With D&G you have a recreation of those large, too loud, loveley Italian families. Most of the time you will find a funny grandma in the ad, or people doing selfies with their phones in glamorous D&G phone cases. Even though I realize that these pictures are as posed as every other ad in Vogue & Elle, I think they are especially likeable.


2016-07-02 18.20.43

August – My Month Of Beauty

While I wasn’t able to post anything here for the last month (read here why) I went crazy (only a little!) about various beauty stuff..

  • Shiseido Foundation: Synchro Skin (52€ for 30ml)
    My favorite foundation so far! The product is simply incredible if you like a natural look with flawless skin. The foundation is very light and also has SPF 20 which is very important to me. The colour I use is Neutral 3
    2016-08-04 15.52.55 HDR


2016-04-06 00.03.47 HDR

A month without a laptop and other first world problems

It must be said right at the beginning that I didn’t choose to spend almost a month without my laptop. When the hinges broke and I had to send it in I was confused and my table looked quite empty without its main inhabitant. When was the last time I was laptop-free for such a long time? Even when I was traveling Australia with a camper van I carried it with me as I had scheduled several job interviews for that time (via Skype). I remember the times when I didn’t have my own laptop but there was always a computer in our house that I could use.


2016-05-14 08.33.04

Random things I liked

Instagram is the best platform for random things you see and like and I am trying to use it regularly (@alenakitofficial) but I want to do a short overview of my favorites here on the blog as well. I have been in Spain several times recently, so many of the things are from airports and El Corte Ingles.

I would love to hear your opinion on them!

2016-05-14 08.33.04

Pink! Flamingo! Moet! 



Valentin Yudashkin

Last week I’ve been browsing through a Vogue Paris that my sister brought me and saw an ad that caught my eye – Valentin Yudashkin. The couturier is very famous in Russia but I had no idea he was targeting the French market as well. After a bit of research I found out that he showed his first collection in France in 1991 and since 2016 his label is the first Russian label ever to become part of the „Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter“ which includes brands like Chanel and Lanvin.